Järfälla spelmän

The Swedish fiddlergroup Järfälla Musicians, visited Kashiba just outside Kyoto, Japan, earlier this year. Järfälla musicians visited several locations in Japan and arranged a concert in the town hall of Kashiba. A concert was given in an area known for Swedish Hills in Japan, a place where a “Sweden in miniature” with a museum, guest house and library have been built.

In september 2012, representatives from Japan visited Järfälla. The Japanese representatives Miki Kamata and Lirica Maede visited Görväln castle in Järfälla.

A ceremony was held in the council hall of Järfälla with Mayor Anita Mickos from the Liberal Party. The pictures are from the ceremony in the town hall.

Many thanks to Miki Kamata and Lirica Maede who took the time to visit us here in Järfälla. Also we extend our thanks to the Järfälla musicians who made the visit possible.