International English School gets new owners

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A U.S. venture capital firms – TA Associates – becomes new owner of the International English School (IES). You can read more about TA Associates here or googling TA Associates.

The new holding company was founded in 1968 and has since invested a total of $ 18 billion in about 400 different companies. The focus is profitable and fast growing companies in the areas of IT, engineering, financial services, healthcare and consumer products.

International English School has during the past 15 years developed into a nationwide school with about 13,000 students and a turnover of approximately one billion sek. Turnover has doubled every three years and despite the resource expansion, the company reported good profits.

International English School established one of their first schools in the town of Järfälla about ten years ago. Under the leadership of the head teacher Mike Saphir the school has evolved to become a highly regarded school with nearly 500 students in grades 6-9. Approximately 75% of students come from Järfälla rest from other municipalities.

Succession is a cause of concern. We do not know what the consequences might be. It is clear, however, that IES intends to continue its expansion outside Sweden. We can only hope that the Järfälla school can continue to make progress and that the school’s students will receive a full share of the school money that Järfälla conveys.

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